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What to do in Jinja!

The always full of life Jinja-town which was established in 1907 is the second largest town in Uganda & the second busiest commercial center after the capital Kampala.
Around Jinja-town there is a
breathtakingly beautiful landscape with warm accommodating & hospitable people, a town where the entire landscape is composed of a large garden with luscious greenery. You can not choose anything better than Jinja when you travel to Uganda.
A town
where everything is alive and nature is very lush

Adventures for you

Rafting on the river Nile(where many of the global rafting-elites train)
Kayaking, canoeing
Horse-riding & 4-wheelsafari through villages

When traveling Uganda we highly recommend 2friends newly opened extraordinary Hotel by the beach & close to the airport in Entebbe!

Nile River Explorers is definitely Jinjas best & biggest rafting company with a popular campsite. They also do convey fishing trips & mountain bike tours!

For Safari-trips we recommend Murchison River Lodge!
Most price-worthy & also do accommodate Safari-trips in the region!

Did you know this about Uganda?
Uganda is one of the few countries in Africa, home to the rare tree-climbing lion.
Uganda has some of the best protected areas with unique flora & fauna.
The source of the Nile, the world's longest river, is in Uganda.
Uganda is the most attractive country for butterfly and bird enthusiasts with over 1000   species of birds.
Uganda has probably the most pleasant weather in the world.
With over 30 different ethnic tribes, Uganda is known to have a very rich and diverse culture.
In Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda is one of the coolest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world.
Uganda is a fantastic destination for sport-fishers.
Uganda has perhaps the freshest, juiciest & tastiest organic fruits on earth.
In Uganda, you will find friendly, nice people, that also speaks English.
Above all, Uganda is a safe destination where visitors can walk the streets without being disturbed

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